What are Flying Termites?

Termites are the most damaging pests that exist in your house. If you find flying termites around or inside the house, it is a sign of an existing termite problem in your home or your house may be exposed to the risk of potential termite infestation. 

Termites love to live in humid conditions. That is the reason why we found more termites in summer. Termites are very problematic and have the potential to cause severe damage to your house. These termites feed on the soft interior portion of wood and other wooden building components. Termite infestation can continue for years until the damage reveals itself through cracks or collapse of the building’s wood. Therefore, for the effective removal of flying termites, you should hire professional termite exterminators. 

Signs of Termites infestations in your home

  • Hollowed or damaged wood: Termites love to eat cellulose found in wood. That is why the termites are attracted to wood. If you found hollowed or damaged wood in your house then it might be because of termites. Termites chew wood in search of cellulose present in wood and make holes. This damaged wood causes structural damage to property. Therefore if you find tunnels in wood then it is time to inspect your house for termite infestations. 
  • Tough to open doors and windows: Generally doors and windows become stiff and difficult to open during periods of extreme moisture or heat. But if you find difficulty with your door or windows even in colder months then it might be the result of termite damage. Termites produce moisture in doors and windows while eating wood and cause wood to warp. That is the reason why you face difficulty in opening doors and windows. 
  • Presence of mud tubes in the house: If you found mud tubes near the foundations of your home then it must be because of termites. Termites make these mud tubes to provide moisture to them. So, if you have mud tubes in your house then it is a strong sign of termite infestation. Eliminate a moisture-rich environment from your house to avoid termite infestation. Also stop storing mulch, firewood, and wood chips in houses to avoid termites. 
  • Chewing noises: If you find clicking sound coming from your walls then it is an indication of termite presence in your house. Termites love eating wood, they make cracking sounds while eating.  You can hear these cracking sounds when you put your ear close to any wood infested by termites. 

Professional Termite Extermination Services In Mernda

We are a well-known pest control service provider in Mernda. Termite infestations are very problematic. These infestations have the capability to cause structural damages to your property. Self-treatments may not completely eradicate termite infestations. So, hiring professional pest controllers is a good choice to completely eliminate termite infestations from your house. All our pest controllers have years of experience in eliminating all types of pests. Our professional pest controllers in Mernda use eco-friendly products that effectively eliminate pest infestations and do not cause any harm to your pets. So, call us today on 03 4050 7737 to book our professional termite extermination services in Mernda.

5 Facts About Pre-purchase Pest Inspection 

Everyone dreams to buy their own dream house which is a very exciting adventure in life. It is one of the biggest investments in anyone’s life too. But after buying the home the work is not over yet it is just the beginning because you have to maintain it too. There are very high chances that after you start living in your home you will find some of the hidden faults in your home. They can lead you to unplanned repair costs in your home. Many people make a mistake, they just hurry up and buy the house without checking the faults. It later on costs them lots of their money on repairing. A pre-purchase pest inspection is very important. You should not avoid it when you are doing the biggest investment of your life. If pests are present on the property, then, you should look for any other property. Because pests like termites must have damaged the property till then. So, if you will do a pre-purchase pest inspection you will get to know about the pest’s infestation as well as the faults.

In this article, we are going to share 5 facts about pre-purchase pest inspection. They will help you to know more to identify the faults and choose the correct home for yourself.

1. Structural Problems

When you are buying a new home, you must call professional pest control for a pre-purchase pest inspection. A trained professional will come to the property and examine it thoroughly for you and identify the issues. Some structural damage can leave an opening for pests to enter the property.

2. Drainage and plumbing issues

Drainage and plumbing issues can be a major reason for pest infestation on the property and also it is very expensive to fix them up. An increase in moist level in the property will lead to pest infestation. So, a pre-purchase pest inspection will help you to identify the drainage and plumbing issues in the property too.

3. Termites and other pests

The pre-purchase pest inspection will provide you with a report of pest inspection which will help you to identify flying termites and if you find out any history of pests living on the property, then, you should get a thorough pest control treatment to ensure that those don’t come back.

4. Mold and rotting timber

If mold and rotting timbers are present on the premises, and you bought the property without pre-purchase inspection, then, it’s going to create chaos in your life. So, a pre-purchase pest inspection will help you to identify these problems and they will also help you to get rid of it too.

5. Safety and compliances

The report provided by pest control services is very important to be checked as it not only tells you about the pest infestation but also about the safety and compliances. If any of the parts of the building is damaged and the property is safe to live in or not.


A pre-purchase pest inspection is very beneficial and you should not avoid it when you are buying your dream home. You must not like it if your dream home will look dull, pest-infested, or damaged. So, a pre-purchase process will help you to identify the problems. Book your booking today and get the best services.

Don’t Let The Bee And Wasp Bite: 4 Habits That Prevent Bee And Wasp

If you think that wasp bite can be dangerous then you are right. If wasps bite you, there can be swelling and inflammation. This can create a problem and you can even have allergic reactions. That’s the reason why people would want to get ahead with bee and wasp removal. Bees and wasps can create dangerous and unsafe situations and that’s the reason why you should develop such habits that will give you the best means to avoid the wasp bite.

bee and wasp
bee and wasp
  1. Keep the habit of covering the food with the right lid

Remember one thing, all the pests would want to enter your home just because there is the availability of food, shelter, and moisture. They want to nurture and stay cozy. If you maintain a habit wherein the food will not be available to the pests. This will surely help in avoiding the wasps and bees in and around your home.

  1. Do not keep flowers in your house or do not wear the floral perfumes

If you keep the floral-smelling stuff in your home then this can create issues. The bees and wasps get attracted to great-smelling things. So, avoid all sorts of sweet and floral smells. This can keep the wasps and bees away. Spraying vinegar in the interior and on the exterior of your home will make a good amount of difference.

  1. Have the habit of long-sleeved clothing, if you have wasp or bees infestation around your home

If you already know that there is an infestation of wasps and bees around your home then you should first call up for Pest Control Mernda. This will also give you a basic idea about what you need to do ahead. Wearing protective clothing such as long pants and long-sleeved shirts will help. If the wasp is around you, at least you can prevent yourself from getting bitten.

  1. Have the habit to stay at peace, do not provoke these pests

If you behave in a panicky way or if you try to provoke bees and wasps out of the best then this can have negative repercussions for sure. So, all you need to do is stay away from their nests as much as you can. This will help in protecting yourself from the bites of aggressive pests. So, take charge of things in such a way that you get the best solutions.


The above four habits can provide you with prevention from the problems that may occur. This means that the bees and wasps may get aggressive. But, if you have the right Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection then there would be no harm to you. Be ready to take things to the next level. Plan things in such a way that there are benefits that you can fetch and stay away from pest related issues. Pests can bite and can create allergic reactions and so save yourself from the same. This can work well for you in every way. 

Some Simple Facts You Must Know About Wasp Removal

Wasp’s are very dangerous for our health because they can hurt us by stinging. Their venom is very poisonous as they create swelling in the body of the person. Sometimes people also get unbearable pain when wasps inject venom in our body. Every person has a problem with wasps. They want relief from them so you should know some simple facts about Wasp Removal. If we did not take steps to remove them then it could hurt your family members. 

Here are some simple facts/ways to know about Wasp Removal:-

Wasps make their nests in surrounding areas or in the holes of walls. The best place for making nests in corners. In order to remove Wasp we should firstly remove the nests of the wasp’s. So that they neither live in our surroundings nor reproduce. The best way to remove the nest is to give them a hot atmosphere by burning cotton with kerosene oil. When this burning cotton is taken to them they feel hot and they will go away from your home and you can easily root up wasp’s nest.

There is a fact that wasps can’t fly with a slippery body so you only have to throw detergent dissolved water on the wasp’s nest. Due to this their body will become slippery then it will be hard for them to fly. In this way you can do pest treatment services. If anyone has a wasp’s trap then they apply that also which can help in catching wasps and prevent them from entering your home.

Wasps can’t fly very quickly so while catching them everyone should be attentive. There is a fact about Wasp that if they bite anyone then they can even die also because when they bite their sting goes in our body to inject the venom and their sting is connected to their one internal part of body so now when they again try to fly they have to apply great push and sting got stuck inside us and their internal part got damaged. This damage is very painful for them which is sometimes unbearable and due to this pain they even die also.

Wasp Removal is very important in order to save the life of wasps also. If wasps would not bite us then they would not die. Due to this Wasp Removal we are able to save a number of lives. When a wasp bites us then we should firstly pull out his sting from our body to stop the flow of venom which is going from the wasp’s body into our body. If we follow the above written pest solutions then we could save life of ourselves as well as life of wasps. These are the basic facts about Wasp Removal. Hire the best pest control services for the removal of pests. 

Best Professionals Pest Control

Pest Control Service provides the best pest control services for residential and business properties. We are equipped with cutting-edge technology and essential tools for pest extermination, so all you have to do is call us.

Pest control professionals have advanced equipment and profound knowledge about pests, which gives them the ability to quickly remove pests from your property without having to use pesticides. All eco-friendly and industry-approved pest control methods will keep you safe so that your property is completely safe for you and your loved ones.

Pest Control
Pest Control

Animals, such as bugs, can be bothersome and dangerous to your health. Some pests cause allergic reactions or serious diseases if they come in contact with them. You should call pest control services as soon as you notice an infestation and prevent further damage to your property.

Rodents and insects also pose a health risk. They can trigger allergies without coming in contact with the human being. Rodents cause severe allergic reactions, respiratory disorders, and trigger allergies without having to be in physical contact.

Rodents cause allergies. They leave behind excreta, hair and dander that can be inhaled. This inhalation provokes an immune reaction and the development of relevant allergies.

Roaches create long-term health effects, regardless if they are eliminated. Their dead bodies and droppings can still cause allergies for those in the home or office even after the roaches are gone.

Termites-Termites are white ants which cause allergies by circulating dust in your house or workplace. therefore, for the effective removal of flying termites.

Create your house or commercial space pest-free! In some cases, pest control services can save you from life-threatening allergic reactions.

Pests can cause property damage and weaken structural integrity, notably silverfish, termites, and rodents. It’s best to catch these pests early before any major damage occurs. Licenced pest control experts can be called in with years of experience to quickly eliminate pests from your property.

Pest Services: our unique process

Our pest control experts follow a detailed process to make sure that the infestation is controlled. This includes following a specific order of service and using methods that are appropriate for the type of infestation.

Before they set out to execute the procedure, our pest control experts’ll carry out a thorough inspection. This helps us assess how much damage your property has suffered and how bad the rat population is. This provides us with an idea of which plan will best suit our needs to exterminate them from your property.

Pest Control provides a tailored pest control strategy specific to your needs. We use non-toxic pesticides and industrial grade technology that can manage any type of pest infestation in all sizes of properties. The client is consulted before starting the process, so the entire process is transparent.

If you can’t stand pests, then our exterminators will completely remove them from your property. We use safe and chemical free methods to eliminate the pests that are haunting your house.

We will check to make sure that your house has been pest-free post-extermination. We will then use a safe disinfectant to ensure that all the pathogens and viruses have been removed.

The best way to eliminate pests is to consult a pest control service provider. Call Pest Control Mernda today and we will exterminate the problem the very day of your booking! We are a reputable service provider, with competitive prices and effective pest removal services.